E-branding & Reputation Management

Here is a Key Question For You…

Is it important to you what people are saying about your company and brand? To your customers it certainly is!

Digital Branding and Online Reputation Management is becoming one of the most important components affecting the success of a company. If you already have a corporate website or any other online presence such as in Facebook, Instagram and Twitter it means that your company is always open and that people can find you easier…and talk about you. Most people today are very much affected by others’ opinions. Nevertheless, they are most sensitive to negative comments rather than positive comments and this can definitely influence what people think of your company. Studies indicate that more than 80% of people who are about to make a purchase are being influenced by reviews and comments that they have read online.

A negative review or comment in review sites and  consumer Blogs related to your industry, can harm your image and brand and can push potential clients to your competitors. In essence, bad reputation may cost your company thousands in sales and revenues.

How We Do It

Webway studio reputation management professionals utilize advanced tools to monitor your company’s reputation online and proactively manage what is being said about you in Blogs, forums, review and comment sites, and in search results. In our company, we utilize techniques which can impose a positive impact on your online brand and eliminate any negative elements that would harm it.

Our Online Reputation Management Strategy

Reputation Monitoring

Actively monitor any comments and reviews (positive or negative) about your company onlinereputation-management-strategy.

Rapid Response System

We proactively respond to questions and negative statements on several websites on your behalf to alleviate and reverse their negative effect on your brand.

Reputation Recovery System

Diminishing negative listings where possible or pushing them down to the list using positive feedback.

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